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Beltora Document Management System introduced at Hayes Laboratories
October 26, 2010

Beltora Document Management System Introduced at Hayes Laboratories October 26, 2010 Delray Beach, FL. — Digital Records, Inc. officially introduce its Beltora Document Management System(DMS)at Hayes Clinical Laboratories.

Beltora Document Management System (DMS) will used in the Company's Billing Department with a specific purpose, 'to help Hayes Clinical Laboratory 'Go Digital' along with improve the Company's current Billing and Accounts Receivable workflows.'

Beltora Document Management System (DMS), which currently offers a strong set of Document Imaging Features and Tools, has been customized to provide Hayes Clinical Laboratories with a product that adheres to the Company's current business processes.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Hayes Clinical Laboritories. As a family managed organization with almost 150 years of knowledge in the Laboratory Industry, it is an absolute honor to be working with such a well respected organization. I personally feel that both Organizations, Digital records, Inc. and Hayes Clinical Laboratories, have a lot in common and we will develop even greater synergy over the next few years,' said Allan German, Digital Records,Inc.'s VP of Sales.

More about Hayes Clinical Laboratories

The Hayes Clinical Laboratory is a family management team that consists of more than 150 years of combined experience in the laboratory industry. With the collective skills and knowledge of our officers, Hayes Clinical Laboratory is able to power a strong company that reinforces our core competencies. With the combination of strategic management, hands-on, technological and medical experience, our officers devote many talents to our patients and staff.

Hayes Clinical Laboratory is a full service medical laboratory, performing tests on all body fluids. We offer the highest level of personalized service at the lowest prices in our areas.

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» Beltora Document Management System introduced at Hayes Laboratories
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