A growing trend in hospital and private practices today is the ease of accessibility to and portability of patient records. Medical records are now easily accessible and retrievable using industry-specific document management systems, home-grown customized databases and Windows-based applications. Although the management of your images is very important, a common point of concern among users of these management systems has been the lack of robust tools to capture high-quality images.
Often the captured images are poor in quality due to these inferior capture tools. In addition, these products require that your staff manually enter data for image retrieval, an often cumbersome and expensive task. DigiRecs understands the value of image quality, index capture and data accuracy.
With years of medical imaging knowledge and experience, we also recognize your organizationís requirements for products and services that meet these needs. It takes much more than a scanner and software to create high-quality images and accurate data. At DigiRecs, we understand the laws that regulate medical records and will provide you with products and services that are fully compliant.
Medical Scanning Services Provided By DigiRecs:
» Back-file document conversion before and after an EMR (electronic medical records) system has been implemented.
» Day Forward Conversion Services
» ROI Analysis (cost savings)
» HIPAA and FDA Compliance
» Certificate for Record Destruction
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