The legal sector generates more paper than most industries throughout the world.As of 2005, national reports have shown that case filings have increased nearly 50 percent nationwide. Paralleling this increase is the volume of paper that is being generated. This increase of paper, often a burden on most legal practices, will lead to a significant increase in a firm's operating expenses.
DigiRecs, Inc. understands the specific needs of the market and the enormous positive impact our products and services can have on your bottom line.
Operating costs associated with the handling of paper include, but are not limited to: the time spent storing/filing/retrieving documents, photocopying, printing and the often exorbitant costs of storing the paper. With our help, you will eliminate many of the growing expenses associated with the handling of paper and increase your net profits. Additionally, the resulting electronic documents will provide your organization with instant access to digital records. The days of filing cabinets are gone. The digital initiative is now.
Legal & Litigation Scanning Services Provided By DigiRecs:
» Back-file document conversion
» Day Forward Conversion Services
» ROI Analysis (cost savings)
» Character level search and retrieval
» Certificate for Record Destruction
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